Label Reading Reduces Fat

How often do you take a look at the Nutrition Facts panel on the foods you buy? A study published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs suggests you're much more likely to lose weight if you take the time to track what you consume. An analysis of data compiled from 2002 to 2006 found that 50% of study participants were actively trying to lose weight and almost 70% of them were overweight. Almost 50% of study subjects reported reading facts panels and 25% regularly engaged in vigorous exercise. Those exercising label readers were most likely to realize success in their weight loss efforts.

True Strength Moment: It makes perfect sense that people who are committed to staying in shape and choosy about what they eat would have the greatest success with weight management. Of course, weight loss isn't the only reason to read facts panels. The panel and accompanying ingredients list are your best tools for comparing one protein powder to another. Remember: you are what you eat, and that includes sports supplements.
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