How To Know If You’re An Athlete

Measure the length of your ring finger. Now do the same with the pointer on that same hand. What's the ratio of shortest to longest? A study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research explores how that ratio correlates not only to prenatal testosterone levels, but athletic ability and associated visual-spatial skills.

Prenatal testosterone levels are known to influence finger development. To test the rest of this theory, scientists recruited 92 NCAA Division I athletes along with 46 students who weren't participating on their college rowing, football, gymnastics or soccer teams. Although they did find significant differences between groups, there was no correlation between athletes and non-athletes.

True Strength Moment: Nonsensical comparisons like this have been circulated as rumors for decades, and probably a lot longer. The only way to know if you're an athlete is to work on your conditioning and skill sets, try out for the team and see how the season goes. If you end up a champion, you're an athlete. If your team finished last, go back to the drawing board and take a more refined approach next year. True competitors never give up.
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