Kukri Badgers’ True Strength

ON sponsored 7s rugby team the Kukri Badgers are celebrating one of their most successful seasons ever. Each summer, the team draws non-professional players from different union teams in London and this year the Badgers won a pair of tournaments, taking home the silverware at London's prestigious City 7s and also the International Brussels 7s. That's showing True Strength as competitors!

At the inaugural Rugby Rocks tournament in June, a unique event featuring rugby and live music, the Badgers gave fans an impressive performance, coming away as Plate Semi-Finalists. Badgers' captain Chris Webb said, "The boys are really pleased with their performance this season. It's been a great boost having ON as our team sponsor – a fantastic brand! Their products are second to none."

Windsor 7s - Finalists
St Andrews 7s - Finalists
City 7s - Winners
Brussels 7s - Winners
Rugby Rocks 7s - Plate Semi Finalists
Stockholm 10s - Semi Finalists
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