What’s In Store For Whole Grains

According to U.S. Dietary Guidelines, anyone over the age of 9 should try and consume 3 servings of whole grains every day, the equivalent of 38 grams. The increased volume of new whole grain products being introduced suggests that many Americans are trying to reach that goal. Since 2005, more than 3,700 new whole grain food products have been launched. 6% of all food products launched in 2010 made a whole grains claim, as did 18% of all-natural products.

True Strength Moment: What's the nutritional advantage of whole grains? When a bread, pasta or baked goods product is made with whole grains it retains much of its vitamin, mineral and antioxidant value. Refining grains removes a lot of that nutrient goodness. An easy way to make sure the grains you're getting are whole is to read the nutrition facts panel.
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