Elite Endurance Training Cycle

How do the best marathoners, cyclists and triathletes train? An analysis of training habits published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance provides an informative look into the world of champion endurance performers.

Successful endurance training is a balancing act between intensity, duration and frequency. Researchers found that most elite athletes gravitate toward a cycle of 80% low intensity distance work with 20% bursts of high-intensity exercise at 90% of capacity. Most of these athletes trained between 10 and 13 times a week.

True Strength Moment: Read between the lines and you'll see one of the Weider Principles at work here. Instinctive Training involves paying attention to how your own body reacts to different exercise and nutrition tactics, and compensating accordingly to strengthen weak points. It's a principle we all have something to gain from.
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