Eating Right & Staying Healthy

In a study funded by the National Cancer Institute, 1,009 patients with stage III colon cancer were questioned about their dietary habits during and after their chemotherapy treatment. Two groups were established: Those who ate a Western style diet of red meat, fat, refined grains and dessert, and those who ate a more sensible diet of fruits, vegetables, poultry and fish. Results showed that patients consuming a Western diet were 3-1/2 times more likely to have cancer return or to die than those who made sensible food choices.

The Bigger Picture:
Although doctors stressed that eating healthy should not be considered a substitute for cancer therapy, they were surprised by how much of an effect diet had on cancer patient health. Since diet factors have been strongly implicated in the risk of developing colon cancer, it's a good idea for everyone to consider healthier eating alternatives.
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Ivan - Bulgaria
Aug 17, 2007
Eat more flaxseeds and sesame :).