What You Drink With Meals Matters

Whether you sit down at the table or are eating on the run, most people drink something with every meal. A study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews reveals just how important that choice can be to your weight management goals.

Scientists found that drinking a sugar-sweetened beverage with a meal increased caloric consumption from 8% to 19%. Milk and juice added 15% more calories. Diet drinks had no impact on calorie consumption. The one beverage that actually reduced caloric consumption? Plain old everyday water.

True Strength Moment: This research presents a very good argument from steering clear of sugary soft drinks at mealtime. Go with something artificially sweetened. Better yet, give your body a boost of hydration support and drink water with every meal. It might help you keep the pounds off during upcoming holiday feasts, too.
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Oct 29, 2010
Thanks for the tip.