What You See Vs. What You Get

According to industry research presented this week at Supplyside West, 81% of adult Americans are either trying to lose or manage their weight. So it's easy to see why the U.S. market for weight management products and services is worth more than $67 billion with an annual growth forecast of 6%. It's no surprise that consumers are most skeptical of fat burning claims on product packaging. What they're interested in most is calories.

True Strength Moment: The fact that consumers are checking facts panels to see how many calories per serving a food product contains is good news in a country were 57% of adults consider themselves overweight. Taking that concern about calories to the next level can really make an important dent in your weight loss/management goals. That same facts panel also shows levels of fat and sugar. Minimize those along with calories, proportion your carbohydrates to proteins in roughly a 2:1 ratio, exercise regularly and you could be on your way to a beach body by summer.
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