Playing Basketball Pain Free

Multistation proprioceptive exercise incorporates the use of an unstable surface, like a wobble board, with a simple technique like balancing on one leg to help train athletes to quickly react to unpredictable joint movements. A study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows how such training can help basketball players dramatically reduce the risk of ankle and knee injuries.

Scientists recruited 232 basketball players and assigned half of them to a proprioceptive training program. The other half just continued on with their normal workouts. During one competitive basketball season, only 7 of the players who engaged in multistation proprioceptive exercise were injured compared to 21 of the players who didn't practice this protocol.

True Strength Moment: If adding a couple of stability exercises to your regular routine can decrease your risk of getting a twisted ankle of strained knee by 35%, then it's definitely worthwhile. Not only can it help keep you in the game, but presents a novel change up to keep your training fresh while working different muscles in different ways.
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