Putting The ‘Work’ In Workout

Members of the American College of Sports Medicine have acknowledged confusion over their recommendation that adults aged 18 to 65 should complete 30 minutes of 'gentle' exercise each day to stay fit. They're afraid that some people might interpret this to mean that walking to their car in the mall parking lot passes for a great workout.

A more detailed look at their recommendations reveal a number of choices including 30 minutes of moderate exercise (a brisk walk) five days a week, or 20 minutes of vigorous exercise (like jogging) three days a week. A combination of the two was said to be ideal, especially when coupled with twice-weekly weight training to increase muscular strength.

The Bigger Picture Recognizing that the rigors of a serious gym lifestyle aren't for everyone, encouraging the average Joe and Jane to build exercise into their daily routine is a great first step to helping them live healthier more active lives. Even more exercise would have greater benefits for the vast majority of people, but that isn't likely to happen if they don't have a realistic starting point.
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