Kick Your Training Into High Gear

Whether you're looking for a way to ramp up workout intensity or get back in the swing of things after taking some time off from the gym, a study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggests giving High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) a try. Researchers had 8 healthy volunteers in their 20s perform between 4 and 6 all-out sprints on a stationary bike. Each bout lasted 30 seconds and subjects got between 4 and 5 minutes of rest between sets.

After 6 weeks of these 3-times-a-week HIIT cycling sessions, subjects showed greatly improved fat oxidation. Overall, they lost an average of 5% body fat. Even more impressive was the positive effect that improved cardiorespiratory fitness had on insulin sensitivity.

True Strength Moment: For busy people who have trouble finding time to get to the gym, HIIT presents yet another unique advantage: You'll do more work in less time. Think about it. Even at 6 sets per session, the volunteers in this study spent just 28 minutes training. And that includes 5 minutes of rest between each set!
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