Team ON Takes The Stage

This weekend, Team ON Athlete Ben Hartman will be competing at the NGA Pro Universe Championships at the Coral Springs Charter School in Coral Springs, Florida. In Louisville, Laura Cessna will be up against an impressive Bikini lineup at the 2010 NPC Kentucky Muscle Classic at the Kentucky International Convention Center. And in Riverview, Tyler Faoro will be leading a determined pack of BMX cyclists in the SSA Florida State Championship Series.

That's not all. You'll be able to sample some of ON's most popular products at the NPC Rocky Mountain Championships held at Denver's Exdo Event Center, and also at the USBF NEPA National Bodybuilding Show at Scranton University in Pennsylvania. At Jefferson High School in Rockford, IL, Jeff Long will be guest posing and ON will be sampling attendees of the 2010 NPC Mid-States Muscle Classic. A very busy weekend for Team ON!
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