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Platinum Hydrobuilder.  All in one lean muscle constructor.

Platinum Hydrobuilder

Platinum Hydrobuilder Nutrition Information
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ON's ALL-IN-ONE MUSCLE Recovery Formula
What gets done in the weight room doesn't build mass. It's what happens afterward that can make a big difference. Start your post-workout recovery with ON's advanced all-in-one muscle builder. Platinum Hydrobuilder starts with a foundation of blended proteins and CreaPep peptides. 2.5 grams of BetaPower Betaine and 5 grams of Micronized Creapure Creatine complement an amino acid matrix that includes at least 13.5 grams of naturally occurring and added essential amino acids. At just 180 calories per serving, Platinum Hydrobuilder is ON's most comprehensive muscle building formula.

Beyond The Basics

  • All-In-One Muscle Constructor
  • CreaPep Enhanced Staged Protein Blend
  • Micronized Amino Acid Matrix
  • Micronized Creapure Creatine
  • BetaPower Betaine
  • 180 Calories Per Serving
Platinum Hydrobuilder
Platinum Hydrobuilder
Out of Stock
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars
By: Dan Walker Date: 03/22/2012
The best post workout period. ON has the best Products out there.. Taste great, works great.. I love it
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars
By: Nishan Wijesinha Date: 12/01/2011
This is the most purest and comprehensive muscle up immediate results showing formula ever. Its the best.
4 of 5 Stars4 of 5 Stars4 of 5 Stars4 of 5 Stars4 of 5 Stars
By: Kyle Balon Date: 10/30/2011
I'm used to taking 100% gold standard + creatine post workout, and so trying this was a bit of a change. I really enjoy its restorative properties, way better than just whey in that retrospect. The killer for me was thickness. I usually mix the 100% with milk, and so for my first time I tried it with the hydro builder. Unless you have an iron stomach, this is a bad choice, it felt like I had eaten a bag of rocks. Do not do this. So, I learned my lesson, and when mixed with just water it makes it much more tolerable. Great product.
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars
By: Christopher Pierce Date: 10/03/2011
Absolutely phenominal product! It mixes much thicker and tastes delicious. Definatley one of my new favorites.

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