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Platinum Hydrowhey.  The purest whey protein we have ever made.

Platinum Hydrowhey

Platinum Hydrowhey Nutrition Information
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Platinum Hydrowhey is the most advanced whey protein we've ever developed. In a word: Excellence. By hydrolyzing whey protein isolates to break larger proteins down into smaller pieces, these ultra-pure whey isolates are able to get into your system rapidly, enabling your muscles to start recovering from heavy training. We've dialed up this ultra pure and rapidly-digesting formula with added micronized Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).


Beyond The Basics

  • Made With Advanced Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolates for Faster Delivery
  • 30 Grams of Ultra-Pure Protein Per Serving
  • Nearly 9 Grams of Naturally Occurring and Added Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine (BCAAs) per Scoop
  • Instantized to Mix Easily With a Spoon
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Platinum Hydrowhey
Platinum Hydrowhey
PRICE: $24.99
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By: Michael Johnson Date: 01/20/2011
Some protein powder tastes like wet cardboard! Not Hydrowhey. I love the Turbo Chocolate! I never have a problem with Hydrowhey clumping up on me. It mixes easy every time. 30g of protein per serving and 8+ grams of BCAA's? There isn't another protein on the market that can come close to touching Hydrowhey. Optimum, you've done it again.
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By: Bala Sm Date: 07/19/2010
it product is awsome vote this as best new product of the year
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By: Tina Nicolosi Date: 06/17/2010
Strawberrylicious!!! I work out 5-6 days a week, and try to get my protein intake from eggwhites, chicken, fish. I am not a fan of Protein Shakes, they make me gag. The shakes i tend to like are high in calories and fat, therefore I don't drink them. I did start using Optimum Nutrition Oats & Whey Vanilla Shake, and luved it... BUT i bought the ON Platinum Strawberry and OHMAGA!!!!!!!!!!! this stuff tatest amazing, like Strawberry Quick. The calories and fat are minimal. I mix 1 scoup with 10 ounces of water and 2 ice cubes in a blender and when its done i literally suck this stuff down.... LUV IT, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT....... YUM Freaking YUMMY!
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By: Lance Rivas Jr Date: 05/20/2010
This might just be the only product that I have tried that mixes completely ! No clumps, no little grains, nothing. The taste is ok with water but I have yet to try it in shake. I'm pretty sure it will taste good as a peanut-butter, banana, chocolate shake.

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