Check to see if you have an Authentic Optimum Nutrition Products


We know that ON quality is as important to you as it is to us. Use the tips on this page to help authenticate original ON-made products.

  • Neck Bands

    Neck Band

    When buying Gold Standard 100% Whey tubs look out for the gloss plastic neckband around the lid which will be black or black and gold.
    Check that this has not been tampered with. All of our Optimum Nutrition protein tubs have a black gloss lid embossed with the ON logo, the True Strength strap line and the Optimum Nutrition website address.

  • Tub Design

    Tub Design

    Tubs produced in the U.K. have a circular indentation without a line running across the bottom. This is normal for European made tubs. The crease on the bottom of U.S. made tubs of protein is a mold mark from plastic thermoforming. It looks the same on every tub and is normal.

  • Date & Batch Codes

    Date and Code

    Every Optimum Nutrition product should include a batch number. Date and Batch codes for European-made products are located on the shoulder of the tub or the front of a bag and will always be in yellow ink. Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date and Batch Code should be two years apart for Gold Standard 100% Whey.

  • Vacuum Seal

    Vacumm Barrier

    Optimum Nutrition protein tubs have a cardboard vacuum barrier that helps hold powder in place during shipping. This gloss white protective disk should be stuck to top of the tub. Check that seal has not been tampered with.


Optimum Nutrition Quality

At ON we are proud to know that we are one of the few sports nutrition companies who own and operate their own production facilities. While it's true that ON is one of the world's largest producers of sports nutrition products, we remain focused on being recognized as the best. In fact, our requirements for raw materials are so strenuous that it's not unusual for ON Quality Assurance Technicians to reject entire truckloads of raw materials that do not meet our high standards. We like to think that we take as much pride & care in crafting our award-winning supplements as our consumers do with crafting their physiques and fitness accomplishments.