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Oscar Piastri’s Protein Pastries

5 min
15 min





  • Process oat flour, protein powder, peanut butter and cocoa powder in food processor.

  • Add Greek Yogurt and process to form dough – about 15 seconds; Stop as soon as ball forms.

  • Divide into two halves. Roll each dough into a ball and then into rectangles (about 5”x4”, ⅛” thick); Use scrap pieces around edges to make proper shape if needed. Place in fridge to keep cold.

Make filling:

  • Place chocolate chips in a bowl and microwave 20-30 seconds until they start to melt. Stir with spoon to melt completely, then let cool a bit (or chocolate will harden).

  • Add protein powder, cocoa powder and milk; Stir until smooth.

Assemble and bake:

  • Take one dough rectangle and spread filling in the middle (leave about ½” from the edge).

  • Cover with other rectangle, and seal edges with fork.

  • Place in air fryer basket and cook at 200°C/400°F for 7 minutes. (or bake 220°C/425°F for 9 minutes, flipping halfway)

  • Let cool for a few minutes.


  • Stir yogurt, protein powder and cocoa powder in a bowl and spread on top of cooled pop tart. Top with orange sprinkles.


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