Nick Troutman

World Champion Whitewater Kayker

Try Harder… Never Give Up… Be grateful… You might not be at where you want to go, but you’re certainly farther than where you came from


Nick Troutman is a World Champion and 8x National Champion whitewater kayaker, content creator, husband, father and adventure seeker. This passionate family man is continuously seeking adventure on the river, trails, and road while traveling across North America for six to ten months of the year with his family, truck, and 30ft camper trailer. As an established figure in the outdoor community, Nick has several first descents while on expeditions, hundreds of podium finishes, and over a decade of competing.

At the age of 32, whitewater kayaking has taken Nick all around the globe. Nick has paddled through canyons rarely seen by the eyes of man, competed against the world’s best in a multitude of World Championship/World Cup events, and has set and achieved some of his lifelong goals in the pursuit of living his life to the fullest. 


What are the biggest highlights of your career?
One of my biggest accolades as an athlete was when I was part of a team of guys to be the first ever to generate enough kinetic energy to power a Tesla. We rode a BikeERG, SkiERG, or rower for 8 hours per day for 2 weeks in the Las Vegas heat to do it and it was the hardest physical feat I've ever attempted.
How do Optimum Nutrition’s products help you dig deeper and reach your nutrition and performance goals?
Optimum Nutrition's products help keep me in line with my goals. I live such a busy lifestyle that ON's products make it so easy for me to optimize my health and wellness.

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