Jeremy Allison

Quick Facts


Adelaide SA


My name is Jeremy and I am a men's physique competitor.

I was originally a cricketer before I dove into the health and fitness industry. I represented my state and country on numerous occasions in my young years and looked like I had a promising career in cricket.

Unfortunately, reoccurring injuries stopped me from playing and I found myself more in the gym. I was instantly hooked to lifting weights, and a new challenge had come. I wanted to be able to push myself to lift heavy always trying to be the strongest and fastest player in the team. After only a few months I noticed physical changes from the gym, I then started looking into bodybuilding training and dieting. I noticed one athlete in particular and that was fellow Team ON Athlete, Steve Cook. Here was someone who looked aesthetic and was also quiet athletic. I thought, man if I could look good and perform well, this is going to be for me.

Ever since then and until this day I use Steve Cook as a major inspiration. After a few years of bodybuilding training and dieting I thought I would try and compete. I competed in the INBA Adelaide show in 2014 in the men's fitness category where I was lucky enough to place 2nd in my first ever comp, then I was hooked on the competing side of things.

After that I really wanted to take out the gold next time I stepped on stage, so after a 2 year off season I then tried my chances again competing in 2016. I went into the men's physique category where I was able to take the men's physique overall title!

I am truly blessed to be a part of the Optimum Nutrition family where they have some of the BEST athletes in the world! I look forward to work with such a great company as I look to take my physique to the next level and with the support of ON, I have no doubt that will be an issue.