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2x Serious Mass (5455g)

  • 2x Serious Mass (5455 g)
£117.99 £107.99

Product Overview

Serious Mass

If you’re looking to increase muscle size and weight then Serious Mass from the makers of Gold Standard 100% Whey is just what you need. One of the best-known weight gain powders available, each serving of Serious Mass is packed with 53 g of protein to support the growth of muscle. Plus, 250 g of carbohydrate and 1250 kcal per serving boosts the number of calories in your diet, while Serious Mass is also packed with added vitamins and minerals, as well as creatine, glutamine, inositol, and choline. Best of all, Serious Mass comes in six fantastic flavours and tastes great too!

Nutritional Information

2x Serious Mass (5455g)

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  1. Serious Mass

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Better taste than other brands, serving too large

Review by Alan on Mar 19, 2021
Struggled with other brands due to horrible taste but these taste nice to be fair. Haven't tried the chocolate one yet but peanut butter one is nice and smooth. The serving size is just ridiculous though, as when mixed its 2 full pints. Its like a large meal, feeling bloated afterwards. I'd say use half servings instead.

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