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Each bar is packed with high-protein and quality ingredients to fuel your active lifestyle. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply need a quick snack to help you unlock more throughout the day.

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Why should I consume high protein products?
The most important factor when it comes to protein and supporting your muscle goals is making sure you are hitting your daily protein recommendations. For many of us this can be challenging, due to our on-the go lifestyle or when protein targets are high due to high training volumes or muscle building goals. In these incidences convenient foods high in protein are a great solution to ensure you are hitting your daily protein recommendations and supporting your training goals.
When is the best time to eat a protein bar?
Anytime you want a protein boost throughout the day. Meeting your total protein intake requirements is more important than the timing.
How much protein do we need to consume every day?
Daily protein requirements vary depending on your age, exercise volume and intensity and your training goals. In general, you should aim to eat 1-1.6g of protein per kg body weight per day to support your training and health goals.

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