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  • High-Protein Weight Gainer
  • 60g high quality protein per serving
  • 81-82g carbohydrates per serving
  • 650 calories per serving
  • 20 vitamins & minerals
  • Excellent source of iron, calcium, potassium, vitamins C & E

Product Overview

High-Protein Weight Gainer

Gold Standard PRO Gainer is a high-protein weight gain formula that delivers calories that count during recovery. Each serving is packed with 60 grams of high-quality protein to help kick-start recovery and 82 grams of carbohydrates to restore energy levels. Gold Standard PRO Gainer provides you with the optimal formula for your post-workout shake or to support caloric-intake between meals.


  • High-calorie formula supports muscle building and weight gain goals

  • 650 calories per serving to help boost caloric intake

  • 60g of protein per serving to help build and maintain muscle

  • 81-82g carbohydrates per serving to help fuel workouts and restore energy levels

  • Mixes effortlessly with a blender, shaker or spoon

  • Available in two delicious flavours

Suggested Use

Just add one heaping scoop of Gold Standard Pro Gainer to 16 fluid ounces of water, milk or your favorite beverage in a shaker cup. Then shake until thoroughly mixed. Use in combination with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise program.

For healthy adults, consume enough energy from a combination of high quality foods and supplements throughout the day as part of a balanced diet and exercise program.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.6)
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Great purchase

Review by Matt on Oct 27, 2022
I was originally using the serious mass, before switching to this one. I didn't really need all the extra from that one so switched to this pro gainer. Definitely prefer it, and I purchased the vanilla crème which is very light on flavor. I mean that as a good thing as mixing it with other things helps to improve the taste even more. It mixes well on water and milk. I don't have any clump issues. I use a regular blender.

Great protein

Review by Marthel on Oct 23, 2022
Taste is great plus gives good energy and full feeling

It’s an awesome product!!

Review by Ahmad on Oct 21, 2022
It gave me 5 pounds in 2 weeks

It’s an awesome product!!

Review by Ahmad on Oct 21, 2022
It gave me 5 pounds in 2 weeks

Good product

Review by Rajat Chelani on Oct 11, 2022
I have started taking the gainer recently. I think it is working well for me.

Good deal!

Review by Anonymous on Oct 9, 2022
The amount of protein per ounce you get is cheaper than any other product I’ve seen!

Good Carb/Protein ratio and tastes great!

Review by Ryan on Sep 30, 2022
I really like this product because of the 81g of carbs and 60g of protein. A lot of the other mass gainers I looked at had way too many carbs for what I was looking for. And double chocolate tastes great, especially if you blend it with Fairlife chocolate milk!

Very nice

Review by Mustafa on Sep 23, 2022

Very nice

Review by Mustafa on Sep 23, 2022
very good

Changed the formula

Review by Anonymous on Sep 22, 2022
I have been using pro gainer vanilla custard for years! Great taste! Now it really has no taste! Ruined a great product that’s been a great seller!

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