Steven Benedict

Professional track athlete & Olympian

Every time I step to line for every rep at training I always slap my legs as a wake up call and say “Give me the strength in my legs, Courage in my heart and Belief in my spirit”


From abandonment to abuse, family deceptions, untimely deaths, drugs, and alcohol, Professional Athlete Steven Benedict was confronted with more obstacles before the age of 28 than the majority of people face in a lifetime. Despite the hardships, Steven applied what he learned on the track to remain focused on the finish line. As a professional track and field athlete and Olympic Qualifier, Steven Benedict has run in some of the world’s most prestigious events. Beyond his track and field career, Steven is also the founder of “Fostering Success” a non-profit organization that restores hope, encourages growth, and opposes the abandonment mindset of foster children by providing genuine guidance, opportunities for sports and arts, and a strong voice for advocacy and systemic reform. His athletic prowess has put him at the forefront of industries speaking on leadership, corporate productivity, foster care reformation, social-emotional awareness, and human optimization.


What are the biggest highlights of your career?
The biggest highlights for me have been the National championships both in the U.S and Italy, the Adidas Classic Diamond League, and reaching the Olympic Trials/Olympic Qualifying
How do Optimum Nutrition’s products help you dig deeper and reach your nutrition and performance goals?
Optimum Nutrition products have continued to support me at a high level through long training weeks. There is no part of my season that doesn’t demand me to find it for every rep on the track. Thus why I needed products that could keep up with the demand and that’s where Optimum Nutrition has closed the gap for me.

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