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Periodization Program for Powerlifters

You can train to build muscle size, power and strength. Like a variety of athletes, powerlifters can benefit from all of these physical attributes. So what’s an optimal way to structure them into your routine? A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research offers suggestions for periodizing a 6-week block of resistance training.
Eighteen college aged powerlifters were divided into 2 groups. Some followed a traditional daily undulating periodization program of hypertrophy, strength and power-specific training. Others modified the weekly training order as hypertrophy, power and strength-specific. All subjects performed squats, bench press and deadlift exercises 3 non-consecutive days a week for 6 weeks.
The traditional hypertrophy, strength and power periodization produced a greater total volume for squats and the bench press, but the modified hypertrophy, power and strength periodization increased one rep max for squats and the bench press to a greater degree.