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Try These Fat-Burning Interventions

Losing body fat and building muscle are among the most common goals you’ll hear in any gym. Success can also improve your performance as a swimmer, runner or cyclist. A study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness shows what one athlete was able to achieve and how he went about it.
In 2010, the 23 year old male lost 11.9 pounds of fat mass while putting on 11.2 pound of lean muscle by restricting his diet to 2,560 calories per day and running for around 200 minutes per week coupled with an hour of circuit training. This intervention lasted 16 weeks.
In 2015, the same athlete lost 11.6 pounds of body fat and built up 1.7 pounds of muscle consuming 3,240 calories per day and engaging in a program where he cycled for 200 minutes, ran for 100 minutes, swam for half an hour and worked a rowing machine for half an hour every week for 12 weeks.