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3 Tips for the Holiday Sweet Tooth

Throughout the year we indulge in some sweet treats here and there, but when it comes to the holidays… sweets just seem to surround us! It can be overwhelming and even challenging to stick to goals when sweets just seem to be everywhere. Fortunately, it’s possible to enjoy sweets during the holidays and still remain true to your goals. Here are three simple tips to handle your sweet tooth during the holidays.


Tip 1: Mix in Dark Chocolate!

The Holidays bring forth decadent chocolate desserts like chocolate lava cake, brownie mix cookies and more. It’s the perfect time for our chocoholics. This Holiday, mix dark chocolate with your favorite fruit! Dip it, drizzle it, or dunk it. Chocolate can go on just about any fruit like bananas, clementine’s, kiwis, strawberries, raspberries, cherries or apples. Try something new this season like bananas dipped in chocolate or chocolate coconut pineapple pops. Top it off with some shredded coconut, nuts or seeds.


Tip 2: Consider Added Sugars

We don’t tend to think about the sugar content when we’ve picked out the perfect hot fudge cake from the local bakery. However, it can be pretty eye-opening when we put it into perspective. Take a look. One packet of sugar equals about four grams of sugar. Therefore, if one serving of cake contains about 40 grams of added sugar, then you’re eating about 10 packets of sugar. So, before you serve up the largest slice of that delicious cake, think about what you are really eating. You can also try creating desserts from scratch. This allows you to control exactly how much sugar goes in from the start.


Tip 3: Go With Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to Holiday treats - the issue is often with how much you’re eating and not necessarily what you are eating. Stay in control this Holiday. The key it to indulge and not over-indulge. Devouring too many sweets can rack up the calories and still leave you feeling unsatisfied. So, before you find yourself in that situation, allow yourself one dessert you’ve really been looking forward to and truly enjoy it. Take your time and really savor every single bite with no regrets!

Sweeten up your Holidays this season with your favorite desserts! Don’t deny your sweet tooth – just make healthful responsible choices. Remember to keep balance and moderation top of mind and you’ll survive the Holidays!