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Learn more about your caffeinated pre-workout

Caffeine is one of the most widely used stimulants in the world – used daily to help with energy and focus by millions. As a result, caffeinated pre-workout supplements and energy drinks are popular among athletes and exercise enthusiasts in a wide range of disciplines.

Below, we’ll discuss three aspects to consider, when incorporating caffeine into your routine.

One | Timing

Timing is arguably one of the most common reasons people do not see the full benefits of caffeine. Many times, we drink caffeinated beverages on our way to the gym or during activity. If you’re doing this for taste and hydration, that’s no problem. But if you’re looking to support energy, focus, or endurance, you may be missing out due to the timing of consumption. caffeine metabolism may be affected by several factors, but generally speaking, it can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes to peak in the bloodstream. Once caffeine reaches its peak, it can remain in the system for about 4-6 hours. Therefore, it’s important to have a plan. If you’re planning to consume a pre-workout with caffeine, Consider this for your next workout.

Two | You

One of the most important factors of all is you. How caffeine is used truly depends on you and your goal. The average healthy adult may use caffeine in coffee or energy drinks as part of their morning routine to wake up, help reduce fatigue when they feel tired, or support focus when they need it. Performance-driven athletes may use caffeine pre-workout supplements to help support endurance, energy, and focus during training or events. Finally, how our bodies metabolize and respond to caffeine differs from person to person. The time it takes for caffeine to act and how it makes you feel depends on many factors to get more out of your caffeine routine (and ultimately, your activity), it’s important to be mindful of what works best for you.

Three | Sleep

Despite the recognized importance of sleep, many people around the world don’t get enough of it. In turn, many then rely on caffeine to help power through the day. There are no substitutes for the benefits of consistent sleep in the right amounts, not even caffeine. Therefore, it’s important to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night and make smarter choices when it comes to your nighttime routine – including limiting caffeine before bed. Consuming caffeine too close to bedtime may affect your ability to fall asleep, which could impact sleep quality. Once again, planning is key so that caffeine does not interfere with your sleep. Give yourself a cutoff time to discontinue caffeine consumption, once you know how caffeine impacts your sleep routine.

Putting it All Together

Understanding the basics of caffeine allows you to appropriately plan around your schedule. If you want to use caffeine as a pick-me-up, then it can be used first thing in the morning or in the afternoon. If you want to use caffeine around an activity, then aim to consume it at least 30-60 minutes before an activity.

Lastly, caffeine can be an incredible tool for added energy. However, it's not a good substitute for a bad night of sleep. Using caffeine this way can create a viscous cycle of poor sleep and reliance on caffeine. Instead, aim to better your quality of sleep and limit caffeine consumption at least six hours before bed. 

More Energy. More of You.

Caffeine is all around us – found in a variety of beverages from coffee and tea to soft drinks and energy drinks. Optimum Nutrition introduced AMIN.O. ENERGY in 2010 to make it easier for you to get the caffeine you need and get more out of workouts, your workday, and anything else where you need more energy and focus support. Since then, we’ve evolved AMIN.O. ENERGY to serve more than one benefit

OPTIMUM NUTRITION AMIN.O. ENERGY Powder is made for fitness-focused individuals seeking more anytime energy and focus. Its formula features a combination of caffeine from natural sources (coffee bean and/or tea leaf) to help support energy and focus plus amino acids to help support muscle recovery

OPTIMUM NUTRITION AMIN.O. ENERGY + Electrolytes Powder is made for exercise enthusiasts, athletes, or anyone looking for a energy + hydration boost. Building on the core AMIN.O. ENERGY formula of caffeine from natural sources to help support energy and focus and amino acids to help support muscle recovery, it also includes electrolytes for hydration*.

*when taken with at least 10 fl oz of water

OPTIMUM NUTRITION AMIN.O. ENERGY Sparkling Hydration Drink is our ready-to-drink, carbonated beverage made to help with on-the-go energy, focus, and hydration.

Caffeine can be a powerful and versatile tool when used right, and we want to see you use it in ways that help you find more of you in you. The best part is it is entirely customizable – meaning you determine what’s most appropriate for your unique needs.