Cody Allen

Former College Football player & Fitness Influencer

You have to be All In. I live by this. No matter what it is, I’m all in on it. If its a competition, I’m all in from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. I give all of myself to it.


A former football Division 1 collegiate athlete turned entrepreneur and heath and wellness enthusiast. Cody has spent the last 15+ year learning the most efficient ways to get the most out of his body and productivity. He spends his days training for fitness events from endurance to speed and strength. Having founded multiple businesses, Cody understands the importance of health and wellness to be the most complete and well-rounded individual to gear yourself up for success.


What are the biggest highlights of your career?
One of my biggest accolades as an athlete was when I was part of a team of guys to be the first ever to generate enough kinetic energy to power a Tesla. We rode a BikeERG, SkiERG, or rower for 8 hours per day for 2 weeks in the Las Vegas heat to do it and it was the hardest physical feat I've ever attempted.
How do Optimum Nutrition’s products help you dig deeper and reach your nutrition and performance goals?
Optimum Nutrition's products help keep me in line with my goals. I live such a busy lifestyle that ON's products make it so easy for me to optimize my health and wellness.

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