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3 Tips for Better Sleep This Holiday Season

The Holiday season is full of many moving pieces where our attention is spent decorating our homes, shopping online, wrapping presents, watching our favorite Holiday films and baking Holiday treats. The time we invest in creating Holiday cheer can be exhausting. In turn, we may overlook a common necessity of life, sleep. Sleep is a key to help up stay positive and full of energy and cheer. So, keep sleep top of mind this season and try these three easy tips for better sleep.


Tip 1: Keep a Consistent Schedule

With all the Holiday festivities it can be easy to disregard sleep. However, inadequate sleep can impact our mind and body leaving us in of a less festive mood. This Holiday, plan out your activities and factor in a healthy sleep and wake schedule. Plan your tasks in advance evenly across multiple days. Pace yourself instead of trying compress all of your Holiday preparations into just a few late nights. Also, set time aside to unwind and relax about an hour before sleep. If you haven’t checked everything off your list, then save if for the new day after a good night’s sleep. Lastly, create a consistent time each evening to be in bed.


Tip 2: Exercise

Regular exercise can help keep your mood positive, which may potentially make easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Regular exercise can also help regulate your internal clock, manage weight and positively influence quality of sleep. Consider making your regular exercise routine a bit more fun this Holiday season by taking your workouts outside and engaging in some exercise you don’t normally do such as running on the beach, ice skating, or snow skiing. There’s a world of fun ways for you to exercise this Holiday season, all of which can help lead to good sleep each night.


Tip 3: Moderate Your Adult Beverages

During the Holiday season, some may enjoy a spiced adult beverage. However, alcohol may impact quality of sleep and duration by disrupting your body’s ability to stay asleep and enter deep sleep. Alcohol before bed may cause disruptions in sleep cycles and impact REM sleep. Alcohol also influences your body to excrete more water, which may possibly interrupt a night’s sleep. If you indulge in an adult beverage, then consume in moderation. Limit alcohol before sleep and be mindful of your overall intake during the Holidays.


The Holidays can be challenging to all us, but keeping your sleep a priority through the season can help us stay positive, energized and full of cheer!