Jessica Nightingale

Quick Facts

5' 4

Virginia Beach, VA


I was born in Naples, Italy. I do not mind admitting that I am a nerd. I love Star Wars almost as much as I love pizza. I work in IT but for fun I like to act, and model.

I have always been very active. At a very early age in Italy I started playing softball. When I moved to America I became the team captain for the high school cross country and softball team. In college softball and cross country were not an option, so I tried something new and was able to walk onto the rowing team as a coxswain. After college I needed a sport as turned to bikini bodybuilding. I love the challenge that it brings and the fact that not very many people can do it.

I like to show, by example, that having a healthy and active lifestyle can be achieved by anyone. Not only am I putting myself through school, but I work full time and compete in NPC Bikini bodybuilding at the National level.

Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza and frozen yogurt
Favorite Exercise: Side lateral raises
Favorite body part: Glutes
Hobbies (outside of training): Dancing, going to the beach, acting, modeling, spending time with friends and family
Occupation: Information Technology Analyst

Favorite Products