Jaquelyn Kastelic

Quick Facts

5' 2

Chesapeake, VA


I began my competing in 2005 while I was college because I missed high school sports and the drive, determination and push I got during meets (I was a track and cross country runner). I was introduced to Women's Tri Fitness, which is a fitness competition that includes box jumps, bench press, an obstacle course, shuttle run and an optional Grace and Physique round/fitness routine round. My competitive spirit was drawn right in! Since 2005 I have done numerous Tri Fitness competitions, NPC figure and bikini, FAME Bikini, Flex Bikini and Bodybuilding.com competitions. I also have found that I love fitness modeling and showing women that muscle is beautiful and strong is the new skinny!
I won the overall Tri Fitness Grace and Physique competition in 2008 and 2009. In 2008 I won my FAME Bikini Pro status. In 2010 I was the NPC Overall Lenda Murray Bikini Champion, the 2010 Bodybuilding.com Bodyspace Spokesmodel and have competed as a National Level NPC Bikini Competitor, placing top 5 in both shows. I have appeared on the cover of Oxygen Magazine (2008) and Ironman Magazine (2010), and inside of Flex (a 4 page layout for winning month #3 of the Flex online bikini competition in 2010) and numerous other magazines. After a two year break from stage and fitness competitions I came back to Tri Fitness (May 2013) placing 3rd in my division out of over 100 women and taking the overall Grace and Physique title!
Off of the stage I have a passion for CrossFit. I started in April of 2009 and have done nothing but CF since! In 2009 I competed at the Asia Regionals placing #2. In 2012 I placed 77th in the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Sectionals out of nearly 1,000 women. In 2013 I placed 3rd at the Hampton Roads Team Grit competition as a team of two women. I own CrossFit Unrivaled with my husband, Drew. We have been open since May 2011!
CrossFit pushes me in ways that I have never felt, physically and mentally and I am a stronger person because of both! My newest deadlift PR is 255! I am also proud of my 163 lb split jerk but am ready to get more over my head! Being strong doesn't mean you have to be bulky...and thats why I love to tell women how much I can lift because they look at my like "How? You are so small" and then I can say "Exactly, lifting doesn't make you bulky OR look like a man!"
Things I love:
My Sailor (my hubby), Snowboarding, Coconut Bliss Ice Cream (suits my Paleo sweet tooth), My two dogs; Allie and Leah (A Golden Retriever and a Lab), Pull ups, Walking on my hands, Split Jerks, Paleo Tacos (check out my blog www.primalwomeninthekitchen.blogspot.com), being a coach/gym owner and motivating people, watching people PR (succeed) their lifts or run times, X-Men Movies, Transformer Movies and Harry Potter books and movies!

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