Rachel Ponder

Quick Facts

5' 4

Van Buren, AR


I have been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2006, and have been training people since I left the Air Force.
In 2009, I was introduced to CrossFit by a personal trainer I worked with in Germany, and fell in love with this sport of fitness. My husband and I have recently opened up our very own CrossFit gym, River Valley CrossFit, and I absolutely love every second I am there! The group of people we work with is AMAZING and they have motivated me to stay fit, even as I was going through my second pregnancy. Now, I am working on my Post Pregnancy Fitness (which you will be able to follow soon!!), and RVC has helped me lose all my pregnancy weight by 13 weeks after delivery (by ceserean), with the definition of abs in the making. :)
I love living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy helping others break through barriers, both physically and mentally. Making an impact on somebody and changing their fitness level and overall well being really brings joy to my life.

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