Theresa Jenn Lopetrone

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5' 4

Vancouver BC

I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. In 2004, I moved to South Korea for 2 years to teach English as a Second Language and travel throughout South East Asia. In 2008, I followed my heart and passion for health and fitness and moved to Vancouver, BC.

Growing up I always wanted to be fit but I struggled with how to achieve my goals. I didn't grow up as an athletic child, teenager, or young adult, but I knew I wanted to be an athlete. I remember reading my first issue of Oxygen magazine and, like so many of the women in Oxygen, I instantly felt reassured that maybe I too could make a transformation to a healthier lifestyle. Soon after following Oxygen's meal plans, tips, and workouts, I started to see a difference in my physique. However, the benefits of eating clean and working out came to an end when I let the stress of university consume me in 2004. I found emotional comfort in food and before I knew it I gained almost 40lbs in less than 6 months. Shortly after, I started reading about "eating-clean" and I learned the essentials of what this meant and the importance of turning this into a lifestyle. I incorporated the principles of clean eating into my daily life in addition to going for runs and learning how to lift weights. Over the year I was able to lose the weight and in exchange I gained some confidence and improved health.

In an effort to find another physical challenge in 2009, I discovered CrossFit. After a year of training in groups and one-on-one with a trainer I noticed my body fat % decreased and my strength increased and a thought I had for 8 years of competing in a physique competition started to seem like a realistic goal. I began researching the industry and I studied the federations, competitions, categories, and the athletes.

In late 2010, I partnered with the coach of Team Blessed Bodies and in September 2011 I competed for the first time and won first place. After getting my feet wet I prepared for my dream, competing with the WBFF. I competed with the WBFF on June 23rd, 2012 for the first time and I won my Pro card as a Fitness Model. Earning my Pro card, being published, landing multiple covers, and becoming an athlete with Optimum Nutrition were huge dreams of mine that became realities and proved to me that dreams really do come true when you are passionate. I am truly grateful for everything that has come my way and I am now working toward continuing to become a better version of myself, pushing my limits, and inspiring others to overcome fear and chase their dreams.

Recently I have returned to CrossFit in an effort to challenge myself and learn more ways to keep healthy, fit, and have fun.

Inspire and Be Inspired,
Theresa Jenn Lopetrone

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