Stephanie Ferry

Quick Facts

5' 8

Colorado Springs, CO


I'm just a midwestern girl looking to make her mark in the fitness industry! I am originally from Indiana, and ever since I was very young, my life has always revolved around sports. In high school, I always bounced back and forth between soccer and track, both being loves of mine, as I was very passionate about both. Fast forward to my senior year of high school, I was given the opportunity to compete on the All-State team for the 300 meter hurdles for for track, and afterwards, received a spot on Illinois State University's track team.

While being a Division I athlete was the to-all end-all of accomplishments for me, that dream was cut short due to career ending injuries. Both of my tibias had been so worn down due to repetitive stress fractures, so my hurdling days were over, and so was my running career for a solid year until I was properly healed up. In the time I couldn't be on the track, I found a new love; which was the weight room. The stronger I got, the more passionate I became about the sport. In May of 2015, I received my degree from Illinois State University and drove straight up to my first NPC bikini competition, which was the next morning. Since then, I have competed in 8 shows, with my last one, Team U, resulting in me earning my pro card, and becoming an IFBB pro.

I am now taking some well-deserved time off the stage and revisiting another passion of mine, which is competing in Triathlons. While I am one who always has to compete, I find that have multiple facets that are fitness-related are the best way to keep a fit, healthy body and mindset!

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