Tobias Young

Quick Facts

5' 11

Brentwood, CA


I'm Tobias Young, IFBB Pro Physique athlete and fitness model. Currently I am the General Manager of 4 In Shape Gyms.

I started working in the fitness industry 14 years ago as a personal trainer. From there, I became a Fitness Manager, and now I am the General Manager of some In Shape gyms. Sharing my knowledge and helping others reach their fitness goals gives me a great feeling of accomplishment!

Personally, I have been working out since the age of 12. I was first motivated by watching the Incredible Hulk TV show and then my big brother bought me my first gym membership. I have trained and/or competed in many sports growing up including: baseball, wrestling (team captain), boxing, jiu jitsu, football, basketball, and bodybuilding. I love bodybuilding because I can always find a place to work out and I love the way it makes me feel after an intense session. As an athlete, I always want to improve and bodybuilding is one of those sports where the harder you work, the more it shows. Working out always helps keep my mental focus, relieve stress, stay healthy, and of course look fit. I love to read up on the latest research on training, nutrition, and supplementation.

I'm an official fitness junkie and I love it! :)

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