Jennifer Tavernier

Quick Facts

5' 1
Obstacle Racer

Minneapolis, MN


I am a personal trainer and American Ninja Warrior athlete! I have a background as a collegiate tennis player and general fitness enthusiast. I'm also a mom of two young girls and work to inspire women (and men) of all ages to get strong and pursue their dreams. I discovered American Ninja Warrior two years ago and haven't looked back! It's been such an amazing experience. I started an Instagram account (@minneninja) in 2015 with videos of my training and it allowed me to be discovered as a ninja athlete. In 2016 I competed on Team Ninja Warrior and our team took home the Championship Title! (You can watch on YouTube or Amazon.) I was also a competitor in Philadelphia for American Ninja Warrior 2016.

My training consists of lots of lifting in the weight room. It's one of my biggest passions. Lifting gets me stronger and more powerful and makes me feel so good! I also train at Conquer Ninja Warrior in Minneapolis, an obstacle gym, a couple times a week. I love traveling to other obstacle gyms around the country when I have opportunity. And I make trips to Colorado to climb in the mountains frequently as well. It makes me feel alive and refreshes me.)

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