Michael Del Zoppo

Quick Facts

5' 7

Buffalo, NY


My name is Michael Del Zoppo. I am from Grand Island NY, a small town on the outskirts of Buffalo, NY.

My passion for fitness started before I knew how to appreciate it to the max. All throughout high school I always had a hard time putting on weight and was always the "little guy". I was extremely active in both high school and college, I played football and lacrosse. During college I found myself skipping class often to go the gym and I guess you can say that's when I dedicated my life to fitness.

After College I decided it was my time to step on stage. I have competed as a NPC bodybuilder as well as an IFBB physique competitor in major
competition such as the Arnold Classic. I hold an All-American record in powerlifting for deadlifting as well as a state record for bench press.

Throughout the past six years fitness has become my life. Optimum Nutrition has always and will always be my only choice for all my supplement needs. I also calculate personalized workouts and meal plans online.

If you have an questions about myself, nutrition, supplementation or training please feel free to contact me.

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