Michael Roberts

Quick Facts


Melbourne VIC


Coming out of High School, a cross country runner, I felt the need to get bigger and stronger, so I joined the gym and began the journey. The first few years of training were, at best, random. I never had to much of a set regime, or a particular goal in mind, it was more about enjoying the training side and the challenge, which has always been my push in life. That challenge of pushing the body to its limits, seeing how much it can handle! The body and how it changes, adapts and reacts, always amazed me. It's one of the only things in life which will payback all the hard work you put in no matter what!

Over those years, I dabbled in different things, from crossfit to gymnastics to strength based training, but it was when I helped a friend tan up for one of his bodybuilding shows that it sparked my interest into the bodybuilding world, from there it was all a blur, from months and months of prep, to the stage and the nerves before stepping out.

I was lucky enough to get to enter the first Arnold Classic Australia Amateur show, which I placed 4th, but more importantly, got introduced to the team at Optimum Nutrition, to what I get to call my family now. From there on out it was my drive to push further, seeing all these amazing athletes around me.

I am continuing to compete, with my next contest in my sight with the best support from the best people!