Nathaniel Werner

Quick Facts

5' 7

Vancouver BC


Hi! I'm I am Nathaniel Werner, CBBF / IFBB Men's Physique Athlete, Fitness Model and personal Trainer. Ever since I was a teenager, I had always been involved in high-level sports from Rep Soccer teams, boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu as well as golf. My love for fitness you could say started at a young age, especially after having some motivating advice from a passionate gym teacher who influenced me to become a stronger, more developed athlete and encouraged me to test my strengths inside the gym. In 2007, I stepped into the gym and found a place where I felt motivated, driven and the consistent dedication came quickly after. I began investing my time in reading fitness magazines for information and knowledge on nutrition and basic weight training and from this, I began to notice a change in my physique. I had always had a smaller physique then my peers, and often was teased growing up regarding it. This was the motivation for me to continue building, growing and gaining strength within the gym and soon after my hard work started to pay off. The results were addicting, and I was hooked. I feel the reason so many people, including myself love bodybuilding or fitness in general is because the harder you work for it, the greater the achievement mentally and physically come from it. Fitness has not just had a positive effect physically in my life, it has also made such a positive impact in my character and emotional wellbeing. It has given me confidence, taught me discipline, work ethic, dedication, vulnerability, ability to fail as well as humility. These incredible strengths I carry day to day in my life, and have my fitness career to thank for it. Fitness is not just about being physically fit, it is about overall personal growth. I, myself believe that I have successfully achieved so much from this over the years of my training, and continue to do so to this day.

In 2012 I decided it was time to step on the stage after building a respectable physique. I placed first in my Men's Physique class, and continued forward to CBBF National stage that same year. This was an amazing experience that began my dream to one day step on stage as an IFBB pro. The motivation and drive I felt after such a successful year of competing, lead me to invest more time into giving back to this sport. I started Personal Training with the ambition to help people achieve their own personal fitness goals, which ignited my passion more for this sport. I loved watching peoples success stories unveil before me. I devoted a lot of my time within the bodybuilding community and found a great purpose amongst it. Competing to me is about the passion for bodybuilding, the energy you feel on that stage and around others, the inspiration you give to others to follow their dreams and vice versa and fulfilling that competitive nature within yourself to become a better and stronger version of yourself.

Throughout my competition years, 2014 / 2015 have proven to be my most successful years in my fitness career. I have placed first in my class both years at the CBBF Nationals, had the amazing opportunity to compete at the North Americans, Arnolds as well as the IFBB Worlds. It was such an incredible honor to be able to represent my country on the world stage and an achievement I will forever be grateful for. As an Athlete, I am constantly setting new goals for myself and I feel honored to have completed so many of my goals early in my fitness career as I have. My dream of becoming an IFBB Pro is strong, and motivates me to work harder and more disciplined every day with consistency and dedication. I value the lessons I have been taught through the many amazing people I have met and followed over the years, each and every moment of being on stage and the journey it took to get there. I am continuously grateful for the unconditional love and support I have received from my family and friends throughout my fitness career daily.

When I am not inside the gym I am often found spending time with my family & friends, working on my car & motorcycle and spending time outdoors. I love to travel and hope to continue to have the opportunity to compete all over the world! My passion and goals are to continue to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle, and to follow their dreams.

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